Why A Moratorium on All Shots! - 3rd Substack Released

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Hi Everyone, 

This week is an emotional one for me: It was my David’s heavenly birthday on Dec 1st. My tears are genuinely tears of joy and gratitude for the blessing of our 21-year marriage, the last decade of which COULD have been pure hell because of my false arrest and loss of constitutional freedoms, career and life savings. My David simply never cared about any of that. David was pure love, and he was delighted that I was home with him. Even homeless, for David it was all about love.

God is Love and Love wins! 

David’s last great act of love was to be a martyr on Dec 1, 2021, at a hospital where he was not treated for his COPD, which came as a result of a bacterial infection of his lungs, due to the warm dry, loaded with airborne particles, Santa Ana winds famous for Ventura, California.

Like for millions of others, David’s death was attributed to COVID. COVID is not a disease, and never has anything to do with the cloned and manufactured XMRV called SARSCOV2. I thank God each day that, unlike millions of others, I got into that hospital to see Jesus bring David back to life before he climbed the stairway to heaven. Love Wins!

We fear only the Lord and faith has rewarded us as we now have independent autopsy proof that David did not die of COVID. 

David was taking Ivermectin, HCQ and had the nutritional support from: Cardio Miracle, Paximune, Pro Lean Greens and ImmuneFormulation200 that prevented him from getting anything like “COVID”. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, he was not spreading anything to anyone. His autopsy shows he was negative for Influenza, RSV, Corona viruses and no RNA virus caused my David’s final respiratory issues. It was the same COPD we kept at bay each and every year since we met, that ultimately lead to a heart attack.

This entire COVID19 Plandemic has caused the world to descend into a world of fear mongering deprived of supporting data

Fear is the “virus”, so remember:  Love wins!

Most people today are unaware of the true function of their immune system and its magnificent ability to heal.

The complicit media and corrupted cult of Scientism have attempted to erase me from the institutional memory of the medical community and the people they serve. Tony Fauci’s propaganda deliberately decided the fate of my entire 40-year career.

Empty phrases have replaced scientific truth.  But now all are beginning to question the phrases: 

"Vaccines save lives." 

"Vaccines are safe and effective."

"Polio was eradicated by the vaccine."

What about Polio, Measles, Chicken Pox or any of the vaccines you will ask? Let’s examine polio and apply the same questions to every vaccine.

According to the CDC, “no cases involving wild poliovirus have originated in the U.S. since 1979, and there have been no cases related to wild poliovirus in the country at all since 1993.” (Yvonne Maldonado, pediatric infectious disease physician and chief of pediatric infectious diseases at the Stanford University School of Medicine.) 

Why, if there aren’t any cases in the US since 1993, does the CDC recommend to this day 4 doses of the IPV vaccine for children at 2 months, 4 months, 6-18 months, and 4-6 years! The CDC wants you to inoculate your children 4 times with a concoction of these (known) ingredients of the IPV vaccine on the childhood immunization schedule: calf bovine serum albumin, 2-phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde, neomycin, streptomycin, polymyxin B, M-199 medium.

First of all, an immunization schedule is a misnomer. Vaccination does NOT equal Immunization. In theory it is attempting to trigger an immune response to an injected pathogen. This is not the same as a natural immunity developed from a prior natural infection with naturally mounted antibody response.

If the process of becoming immune to a disease-causing pathogen worked via injection, we wouldn’t see fast increase in infections like we have seen in the Covid Plandemic, would we?

How come, the unvaccinated - and especially children -

are healthier than their vaccinated counter parts?

I digress. Back to the Polio vaccine: 

If you look at the IPV vaccine insert you can read:

Each of the three strains of poliovirus are individually grown in vero cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells cultivated on microcarriers.”

Now why does that ring a bell? Ah, yes - In 1961, Berniece Eddy rung the alarm to the medical community that the polio vaccines cause cancer, as SV40 monkey kidney cells were found to be the contaminant. Incidentally, when she injected the polio vaccine into her group of hamsters they all developed tumors. As the official vaccine safety tester in the nineteen fifties, she was obviously right to demand a full stop on any and all of these contaminated shots.

That’s because all polio vaccines contain monkey, cow mRNA, DNA and protein. They are mRNA vaccines; all on the “schedule" are XMRV mRNA containing vaccines. That is, they contain Xeno “foreign” mRNA to which your immune system will respond, and not in a good way.

What have I said for years now? Polio shots have Monkey, Mouse and Manufactured XMRV cancer causing agents and components in every single shot! The difference with the COVID "Vaccines" is they aren’t mRNA at all. That’s the misnomer, they are SYNTHETIC, made by a machine, designed not to be degraded, as mRNA from animals is easily recognized as foreign and will be broken down by humans who are not immune compromised in those innate pathways.

Men Health

We have come full circle. 

As chronicled in the book Dr. Mary’s Monkeys by Ed Haslam, under Dr. Mary Sherman and called out by Dr. Berniece Eddy in the 1950s, what started out as corruption at the highest level at the NIH, the National Cancer Institute, etc, has developed into the currently manufactured health crisis by the criminal elements under the leadership of the likes of Fauci, Walenksy and Collins in 2022.

"The silencing of the whistleblower doctors, and in Dr. Mary Sherman’s case, her murder, is the pharmaceutical cartel's favorite way to eradicate scientific truth. For motive, all you have to do is follow the money. For truth, all have to do is to follow the data."

(Plague of CorruptionRobert F. Kennedy Jr. Foreword)

Who controls the access to the real data? And who has already forgotten where to look?

So, what about the Polio vaccine again, you ask? It was and always has contained cancer and AIDS causing viruses SV-40 SIV, and even RSV. All the diseases are accelerated by the synthetic chimeric mRNA spike containing the tripartite HIV, Gp120, XMRVSyncytin, SARS ACE2 RBD in a synthetic lipid nanoparticle. That’s the definition of a virus folks. Simple solution … don’t inject! 

Strengthen your innate immune response as we did for my David and then go love each other. Big hugs and kisses develop immunity. Kiss those beautiful children and grandchildren. We owe it to our future generations. 

Stop all the shots!

God is LOVE and LOVE wins!

With love, appreciation and a grateful heart,


Dr. Judy A. Mikovits, PhD

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Episode #2 Medical Myths Q&A November 17th

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